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Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The End of No Things Whatsoever...

Normally I try to get posts up on a more or less regular schedule- five days a week, Monday through Friday, with rare weekend posts if something truly remarkable happens. Today, however, I am not writing a post of my own. Instead, I am leaving that task to the Red-Faced Warbler who has written two excellent posts that are worth your time and attention. The first of these, I think, sums up many of my own reactions to the present horror in the middle east. More specifically, the Warbler manages to take on the reaction to it among some elements in the United States:

I just heard Libby Dole tell us that Iraq was the central battle in the "War on Terra". As any fan of science fiction or Latin knows, this is a frightening mispronunciation. On the other hand, maybe it's the one Bush has really been fighting all this time. In fact, the evidence supports this interpretation. The Bush cabal has usurped control of the U.S. military and has led the entire world deep into the first stages of global conflict. In many ways Bush really has taken on the world, too, by flaunting public opinion and human decency. Of course 30% of the American public still approves of Bush's foreign policy. Who the HELL are they? I have a guess.This brings me to this weeks hot topic: the end of the world. Pundits have all week been spuriously opining in response to questions like “Are we on the verge of WWIII?” People are starting to use the word Armageddon in the present tense. As if 'WWIII' wasn't scary enough. There's some hill in Lebanon that people are saying IS the place this word refers to. And of course, Israel is attacking near it. Aha! That was prophesied! Another little window to open on our "countdown to the apocalypse" Advent calendar.

Many are looking at the real-world death, suffering, and war and getting that "here we go!" feeling of being just barely over the edge of the roller coaster's first hill. Throw up your hands and scream. We're descending into the end days....wheeeeeee!


And, even sicker, some of them believe they're so right(eous?) that they'll be 'raptured' and not even have to watch all the rest of us go through the foretold horrors. How nice. Convenient, even, I would say.

I'm starting to believe.

I mean, no - I don't believe for a minute that the authors of Daniel and Ezekiel and Revelation actually had foreknowledge of anything. Their "prophecies" read exactly like the horoscopes and cold readings of a million mystics and con artists since. "A beast with seven heads will arise" Oh, my! How...inexplicable. Could it be the G-7? No, now they're the G-8. Or maybe it’s the seven horses in the Preakness. Or the year 2007. Or the 6 people and one dog that attended my homeowners' association meeting last month.

Well worth a read.

The second post is one that answers a common question overseas: are Muslim lives worth less to Americans than Christian or Jewish lives? The Warbler answers no, but for a reason that will leave you humbled, and perhaps a little shamed.

In any case, when another blogger tackles a subject with more aplomb than I have, I can only bow to their superior work. This is one of those times.

Fortunately for me, however, I'm too much of a moron to recognize all such instances of superior writing, or else I'd never blog about anything.


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