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Friday, August 11, 2006

It's usually not as bad as you think it will be

I successfully completed my trip to Camp Perry and was directed by Drek to submit the experience to the blogosphere. First I congratulate the winners – I'm nowhere near that good – and hope to see them again next year. It's a great bunch of people that show up there. Second I'll announce that I actually did well enough to get some points. I'm on my way to earning the big badge. I did better than I expected, in fact. On reflection, this reminds me of most other big trips. Like most other big trips, there's the plan and then there's reality.

The travel itself is a major consideration: you can either deal with airport security or other drivers. Pick your poison on that one. I've had enough of the illusion of airport security so I picked driving. I even timed it well to avoid rush hour through the big cities on my route. It probably went as well as could be expected. I did underestimate how tired you get driving at 3 AM through Ohio farmland. I definitely advise against it. A better plan would be to bring a friend so you can keep each other awake. Then again, maybe the problem was trying to stay awake 24 hours straight. Maybe.

Then there's the destination. It usually is simultaneously disappointing and surprising. The reality is usually not as good as the fantasy, though its “realness” is usually uplifting. It's not such a mythical place which is somehow reassuring. I think it's because if this place is so great but similar to where you came from, maybe home is not so bad after all.

The event you traveled for is usually fairly intimidating as it looms over you. When you actually get in the thick of it, it's not that bad. Most people dread public speaking – I'm not particularly fond of it myself – but once you get rolling it's fairly easy to keep going. This concept applies to most things I think. Showing up is he big step. If you can handle your own nervousness long enough to face the crowd the rest will work itself out. Certainly as the stage gets bigger the pressure increases. If you're good enough to be there though, I suspect your performance will be more than adequate. You are your own worst critic after all.

After it's all over – and you've completely destroyed your budget – it's time to go home. The grass seems greener and the sun seems brighter. The birds are singing and you're almost happy to return home. This lasts about 30 seconds until you find all the things you left waiting for you: bills, work, family, serial killers, etc. Reality pounds itself back into your head. At least you're left with a few good memories to get you through for a while.

If you're like me, memories fade fast. Bring a camera.


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