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Sunday, August 20, 2006

A personal decision

I was going to blog about Snakes on A Plane, of course, but mercifully, or not, as the case may be, another topic has presented itself. Note that I am blogging at 9 am on a Sunday. This is no coincidence. Sunday mornings - I used to wake up to the bells of the local catholic church. A nice way to start the day, especially if you are a lifelong heathen and church bells to you mean brunch, rather than religion.

Today there are no church bells, because people here seem less into bells (if more into religion) but I have somehow gotten to the point where I have consented to attend some type of religious...thing. That is to say, I have agreed to go to Quaker meeting with my Husband. Quakers are cool, they're all about peace and social action and meditation, and that's good, and frankly, if they didn't have that whole religion thing going on then I would have joined them months, nay, years ago.

They call themselves Friends, and that just befuddles me, because whose friends are they anyway? And they are Christians, even they are somewhat eccentric by Christian standards. Yet they are the only religious group I have ever considered joining, and the only kind my Nice Christian Husband could bring me to. I am then, a little of a lot of things - intimidated (by the sheer presence of religion), intrigued, resistent, frightened.

What if like this religion stuff?


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