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Friday, September 22, 2006

Innovations in Vocabulary

The administration of President George W. Bush is remarkable to me in many ways. As I have observed previously the brazen quality of it is amazing but that's not where it stops.

Consider, for a moment, that an official of the Bush Administration may have threatened to bomb Pakistan after 9/11 if they had not cooperated with our invasion of Afghanistan. If this occurred it makes it all the more remarkable that Bush can compare himself favorably to terrorists. Oh, one might argue that one country applying pressure to another is simply politics but, in this case, what we have is a global behemoth threatening a small, isolated nation. Perhaps it isn't terrorism, but it absolutely reduces our moral authority.

Consider again this President's attitude towards the Geneva Conventions and torture. Never before, I think, have we had a president so strident in his advocacy of barbarism. Never before has it been necessary to argue this point for so long in government. And, in the end, it turns out that even veterans of his own party lack the courage to put a halt to Bush's behavior. In the end, the "compromise" will most likely leave administration officials free to trampel the Geneva Conventions, human dignity, and the honor of the United States.

Our current president likes to characterize himself as a man of god. It is, in all likelihood, his greatest asset during election season. He has gone on at length about the role of religion in government and has even created an office to integrate religious organizations with national government more deeply. Yet his administration is currently attempting to crush at least one church who defies his party line.

We now have a president who believes it his right to spy on his own citizens whenever and wherever he pleases with little or no oversight. He seems to believe that due process is not a right, or even a good idea, but instead nothing more than an inconvenience. He even seems to think that the very right to dissent, the very act of disagreeing or questioning, is itself an offense:

I find that the English language is bereft of words to describe this level of madness on the domestic and international levels. I simply cannot identify a word or phrase that appropriately sums up a president who is determined not simply to make the United States the undisputed master of the globe, but to be the personal lord of our minds and hearts. So, I am forced to take a page from fellow sociologists and bloggers and, indeed, create a new word to encompass this new concept. In so doing, I find one word that seems to describe President George W. Bush perfectly:

Hegemoniacal: hej-uh-mon-nahy-i-kuhl (adj.) Obsessive and psychologically abnormal preoccupation with obtaining and maintaining hegemony. A thirst for power and control regardless of the consequences or hypocrisy.

Use it in good health.


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