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Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Scenes from the Office...

The Scene: Drek and two of his officemates, S and D, are in their cramped office. One of S's students has just departed following a twenty minute conference. This conference was marked by a staggering lack of apparent thought- on the part of the student.

Drek: Wow, S. I gotta say- I'm impressed.

D: Yeah, me too.

Drek: I mean, I just wanted to stand up a couple times there and applaud. You are so patient. Bravo, Dr. S, bravo.

S: Well thank you. You know, I asked them to come in here, so I can't very well insult him.

Drek: See, that's the difference between you and me. That's usually the first thing I do.

D: laughs

S: Yeah, you know... he just didn't seem to want to be here, or be talking to me.

Drek: Dude, he didn't seem like he wanted to boot-up his prefrontal cortex.

D: That's what I was thinking!

S: laughs

Drek: Man, you just had a twenty-minute conversation with brainstem.


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