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Monday, October 30, 2006

Wandering to and fro...

Well good morning loyal Total Drek fans. Interested in a post? Salivating over the potential for some extraordinarily crappy time-wasting writing from yours truly? Well, you're in luck! A long post ripe to obliterate time without measurable benefit is waiting for you!

Just not here.

Yep, I'm guest posting over at Marginal Utility again today. What is the topic of my latest missive? Well, it's the first in a series titled "The Dreadful Dick Dawkins," and discusses the hoopla over Richard Dawkins' newest book. More generally, it touches on issues of the relationship between theism and atheism. Look for the next installment on Wednesday and, with a little luck, the third installment this Friday. One or both of these will appear on Marginal Utility, assuming that the startlingly poor quality of my posts doesn't cause Tom* to kick my ass off his blog once and for all.

Keep your fingers crossed...

* I assume this is the way economists dress. Or, perhaps more accurately, it's more fun to imagine that I assume so.


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