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Monday, October 02, 2006

What an offer!

This e-mail recently appeared in my inbox:


Join us for the first meeting of the Graduate Student Book Club! At this meeting, we will determine a book list for the year and set future meeting times.

Where: Student Union Meeting Rooms
When: Thursday, 7:00pm

To which I, and others, responded:

"Finally! Something to do with my abundant free time!"

Needless to say, folks, I'm back from my trip. It was... interesting. And, as it happens, I have some news for everyone. Please note that this news is not particularly good, unless you aren't particularly fond of me.

So, you know, most people.

In any case, you'll probably hear all about it tomorrow. Sorry to be such a tease but, this should give some of you hours of fun procrastinating from work, so I feel that my job is done.


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