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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Spam Haiku Theatre

Welcome to another edition of Total Drek Spam Haiku Theatre.

Today we'll be listening to the work of Reese Johnson* and her fantastic poem entitled, "Cheerleader in a hot sixty nine position." It's being read by the venerable Hugo Weaving.

Cocksucker pleasures a man on a picnic
Brooke skye kissing her hot teen friend
Sweet brunette chick getting big cock dp

Magnificent. Just magnificent.

* Yes, I know, this is most likely NOT the actual author of this. Best I could do without linking to the actual destination... which is more than I want to do.

As a side note: If you want a little more meat today, check out this commentary on the Dawkins controversy over on the Evolution blog. Jason has been doing a feature on Dawkins, much like myself and today analyzes the same New York Times book review that I did. Interesting stuff.


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