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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

An RPG only a geek could love

We began last week with a post discussing a role-playing game, so it seems appropriate to continue this week in a similar vein. I have recently come across a depiction of what I feel is the awesomest* RPG ever:

Seriously, check that out: an eighth-level positivist? I can't be more than a fifth-level myself (although I've been cross-classing with Rhetorician). This little faux RPG is honestly the funniest thing since philosophical action figures. I really do love this comic** and think you should too.

Obviously, this is not the entire comic. No, for that you're going to have to use the elegant and finely-crafted link above, or just click here. I'd reproduce the whole comic but (a) that would be a grievous violation of copyright and (b) it might stop you from visiting the site that this gem derives from: the superb Dresden Codak. There you will find all manner of wonders from a rather charming discussion of quantum mechanics, to a cameo appearance by Nelson Mandela, to an insightful discussion of American history, to the most convincing theology I think I've ever seen. There's even this lovely drawing that makes, I think, a very convincing point.

Go on over and take a look- the archives aren't very deep, but every comic is beautful, intelligent, and utterly hysterical. Well worth your time.

Although, that said, if you put a high premium on your time, you probably wouldn't read this blog in the first place.

* Definitely not a word.

** And they even have prints for sale. Anyone still doing Christmas shopping will find this the perfect gift for the over-educated asshole in the family.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just a clarification--do people that aren't geeks play many RPGs?

That said, that's a great find. Feel oddly compelled to order that print.

Thursday, December 21, 2006 5:20:00 PM  

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