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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Because I'm busy, damnit!

Today I'm afraid you won't get much of a blog post because I'm behind schedule. This is not attributable to any personal sloth so much as the necessities of the medical establishment. Specifically, I spent my morning being poked, probed, and tested as part of my ongoing bizarro medical issues. The results of this testing, at the moment, appear to primarily be that I do in fact have lungs that enable me to metabolize oxygen. Woo-hoo.

To keep you occupied while I try to catch up with my real work, allow me to direct you to the fine Webcomic xkcd. It won't take you long to figure out why I like this comic but, for those who are lazy, allow me to touch on a few of the high points:

A succinct explanation for my love of science:

An honest Valentine card:

An illustration of my attitude towards existential angst:

A portrait of James Bond as a young physicist:

And finally, the most romantic use of angular momentum I've ever seen:

So head on over and take a look. It's smart, it's fun, and it's a helluva lot more educational than this blog.

What more can you ask?

As a side note: My read of the author's page suggests he's cool with my linking to his images. If I'm wrong about that, somebody let me know.

As an additional side note: For those who are curious, my medical issues MAY be all fixed or I MAY need more surgery. Stay tuned- I should find out myself pretty soon now.

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