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Friday, March 02, 2007

I think it's a valid question...

While listening to NPR the other day I learned of something rather interesting: cafeteria workers at a local Houston school have discovered an image on the virgin mary on a baking sheet, one that appeared during a routine washing of the pan. I really and truly am not kidding. This is a picture of the newly discovered icon:

This "miraculous" appearance has led local community members to establish a shrine dedicated to the adoration of the virgin- or, at the very least, to the adoration of a baking sheet. It is being surrounded by flowers, candles, and praying people. Individuals are touching it, hoping for divine assistance as they face surgery and other difficult life events. Efforts are being made to find a permanent place to display this amazing artifact and, doubtless, a collection will be taken up to replace this sheet in the school inventory.* This is, unquestionably, more exciting than the much-loved "Jesus Toast" from a while back:

Yet, among all the hoopla, I really feel the need to ask about something. There's a war in Iraq, a war in Afghanistan, people are dying in Darfur, and there's an ongoing murderous struggle between the Arabs and the Israelis. And with all that, god and company decided to demonstrate their grace and power by defacing a baking sheet in an obscure Houston school. I just have to ask something in response:

Should we, maybe, be a little concerned about god's priorities? I mean, crap, do we want to be worshipping that kinda guy?

I'm just askin.

* Heh. Right.



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