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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Always good to be appreciated.

It appears that the indomitable Plain(s)feminist has decided to honor me with a "Thinking Blogger" award... you know, pictured over yonder in the convenient .jpeg. I am flattered but, simultaneously, a little bewildered that I am regarded as a thinking blogger. This is particularly the case given how much time I've spent this week discussing pop culture. Ultimately, despite the generous praise from Plain(s)feminist, I think my receiving this honor is an inevitable outcome of its geometric expansion.

And so long as we're talking about that geometric expansion, I suppose I must fulfill the terms of the award and award it, in turn, to five other blogs who make me think. Alas, most of these blogs do not read my blog but what can you do? In my case, I could probably e-mail them or something, but where's the fun in that?

Marginal Utility: This blog which is predominantly the stomping grounds of Tom, Ken, and Kim (with occasional scribblings by myself) can be counted on to provide insightful discussion of a wide variety of subjects. Also: photos of lego spaceships and Tom's kids. It's a great blog and well worth your attention.

Skepchick: The group blog of Skepchick, an organization of skeptical women that also publishes an online magazine. The blog is often funny, always informative, and has an irreverent take on just about everything. If you want a blog to counteract the poor logic that seems unavoidable in modern society, this is it.

Stone Court: What do you get when you combine a legal blog with a sociology blog? I dunno, but most of the time it wouldn't be nearly as interesting as Stone Court. It's hard to do better for an examination of the legal implications of social policy and vice versa. Also: they're both really, really nice people.

Evolution Blog: The blog of Jason Rosenhouse where he chronicles his unending quest to thwart the creationist hordes. Quixotic as that sounds he can be counted on for excellent discussions of evolutionary theory, theology, philosophy and mathematics. If you're not reading him, you should be.

And, last but not least, we come to:

Uncommon Descent: The way I interpret the criteria of the award, I can nominate blogs that make me think, even if they're not ones that I think are particularly intelligent. UD falls into this category. As the weblog of "Wild Bill" Dembski it's a haven of illogic and ideological inflexibility. That said, I'm always suspicious when I read something and reject it without knowing why. Just about everything on Uncommon Descent is a half-truth or an outright lie, as far as I can tell, but actually proving that to myself is a useful intellectual exercise.

So, congratulations to my new nominees and I encourage all of you to spend a little time perusing what they have to say. I suspect you won't be disappointed.

I mean, hell, most of you are just looking for something to do instead of work, right?

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