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Friday, April 20, 2007

Blowing off some steam

This has been a very unpleasant week here on the blog. We began this week with a rather depressing chat about the political situation in Iraq. Then we discussed religious hypocrisy, the Virginia Tech shootings, and finally the reaction to the Virginia Tech shootings. If that wasn't enough for all of you, I could have spent today discussing the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision on abortion. I'm not going to do that, though, for several reasons including: others have already done it better, I've frankly been expecting this, and if we have any more depressing discussion this week I think I may cry.

So, instead, I'm going to tell you a story so we can all blow off a little steam. This story is about, of all things, my recent visit to the hairdresser.* On this recent visit I found myself alone with a new stylist and we began talking. I like talking to random people- it's almost always interesting and it gives me a chance to see the perspectives of folks who are not, themselves, cloistered academics. As she began cutting my hair the conversation turned to politics and I realized that the woman I had previously believed to be a normal stylist was, in fact, a lunatic. My first warning that this was the case came early in the conversation:

Woman: I just... I don't know what the President is doing.

Drek: What do you think about Bush?

Woman: Well, I'm not supposed to talk about politics, but since you asked...

Drek: laughs

Woman: I think he came in with good intentions, but he's just fucked us all up. He's just done some terrible things to this country.

Drek: Yeah, definitely. He probably did have good intentions, but good intentions and two-fifty will buy you a coffee at Starbucks.

Woman: Yeah, exactly. And you know what else? I just hate Hillary.

Drek: Really? Why is that?

Woman: After what her husband did? After he... ran around with that woman... and she stayed married to him. Now how she's governor of that state-

Drek: She's a senator from New York.

Woman: Right. She's running that state. I just hate her.

Drek: Well, some people feel that way.

Woman: I just don't think a woman should be president.

Drek: ...

Woman: Men are logical thinkers but women are... whaddya call it? Emotional. We're just too emotional. We think with our hearts and our hormones. Not like men.

Drek: Well I...

Woman: Oh, but I love Obama!

Sadly, it only got worse from here. We went on a long, meandering trip through illogic and insanity. Incredibly, this journey proceeded without any input from me and, frankly, I felt compelled to limit my contradictory remarks since she was hovering about my neck with a pair of scissors and it was quite clear that she didn't trust anybody. The point in the conversation at which my head truly detonated, however, came during a paranoid rant about how her coworkers were out to get her fired:

Woman: So she's 45 and he's 49.

Drek: Uh-huh.

Woman: And she's a sagittarius and he's a capricorn. I know about that stuff because I love science.

Drek: Emits a high pitched scream of agony audible only to dogs.

Indeed, I can only imagine that she's spent a lot of time over at the astrology department.

This maybe doesn't make up for all the horror of this past week, it may not even make a dent, but it does make me smile a little and right now, that's enough.

See you next week.

* I should point out that I use the least expensive hair cutting establishment I know that doesn't require I go way out of my way. As a consequence, if my hair is more or less cut evenly I'm usually pretty happy.

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Blogger SARA said...

Thinking we all live in this world together, we now have two distinct groups here:
1. The RANDOM people (known as "the folks" includes normal people as well as lunatics)

2. The Academics (the Cloistered group)

Hilarious - Interesting that it was the "lunatic" who made U smile!

Monday, April 23, 2007 1:18:00 PM  

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