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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Now that's... tasteful.

Continuing our recent discussion of conservative cartoons, I thought I might mention a couple more. We've all been following the news about the Virgina Tech shootings, and there have been a lot of responses to it, including our own here at Totak Drek. As responses have been flooding in, however, I've been waiting to see what the conservative sources I follow would do. For the most part they've been relatively tactful, although the moonbats have been, as always, utterly bewildering.* The response from a conservative webcomic I read, however, has been something else entirely. Two, in particular, are notable.

The first was one I was expecting once some of the crazier "solutions" to the Virginia Tech tragedy started coming in:

Ha! Of course, hilarious! Yes, environmentalism is stoopid! Sure, if we don't arrest global warming we could end up converting our planet into Venus,** but that's no reason to get nervous or anything. It's not like destroying the habitability of our only planet is on a par with, say, flag burning or anything. Don't even get me started on the whole "who would trust professors with guns" thing. Leaving aside the ability to responsibly handle them, let me ask you this: who is the better pick to control dangerous implements? Someone who is willing and eager to use them at the slightest provocation? Or someone who would prefer to avoid their use until there was no other choice? Obviously the first group- which is why we're so eager to arm Iran and North Korea with atomic weapons. I mean, hell, no brainer, right?

The second comic, however, blows the first contender out of the water:

Yes, of course, comic genius! Michael Moore is like an angel from It's a Wonderful Life except that instead of getting his wings when a bell rings, Moore gets a hard-on when there's needless death. Sure, Moore earned quite a bit of notoriety with Bowling for Columbine and, sure, he's been accused of some shady editing practices. I'll even concede that the guy is a raging asshole and that I laughed like hell at the depiction of him in Team America: World Police.*** Implying that he personally enjoys the needless slaughter of innocent students, however, is probably going a little far. Would the artist approve, I wonder, if I suggested that Cheney masturbates to reports of suicide bombings from Iraq? I suspect not.

I know it's hard but, just maybe, can we all at least pretend to have some class?****

* For example, "The massacre was evidently motivated by the killer's intensely anti-Christian views." Might just be me, but I don't think he was out gunning for Christians as it were.

** i.e. hot enough to melt led, under enough pressure to crush a submarine, and raining acid from the sky. Sounds great, no?

*** "America- FUCK YEAH!"

**** You know it's bad when I'm telling somebody that they have no class. Seriously.

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