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Friday, April 06, 2007

This post doesn't end well.

Folks who keep an eye on the news are probably aware that a new report from the United Nations predicts a difficult future based on global warming:

A United Nations panel of scientists reports it is highly confident that humans are warming the Earth's climate.


The new study, released Friday, predicts widespread droughts in some places, but flooding in others. Some regions, such as North America, are likely to suffer less from a warming climate. Low-lying areas will experience more flooding from rising oceans or stronger storms, however. There will also be increases in the range of insect pests and diseases now more common in tropical areas. Dry regions in the southern part of the country may also get drier. Some regions however may enjoy benefits, such as longer growing seasons for agriculture.

The irony here should not be lost on anyone. We here in the United States (which is in North America for you Conservapedia users out there) are one of the largest producers of green house gasses, have some of the poorest emissions standards, and somehow may suffer the least from the impending difficulties. That is, unless you count the victims* of events like Hurricane Katrina.

This UN report isn't alone, of course. There was also the recent report from our own Environmental Protection Agency that argues the same thing. Not that the President is any more interested in the work of his own government than in the work of the UN:

President Bush dismissed on Tuesday a report put out by his administration warning that human activities are behind climate change that is having significant effects on the environment.

The report released by the Environmental Protection Agency was a surprising endorsement of what many scientists and weather experts have long argued — that human activities such as oil refining, power plants and automobile emissions are important causes of global warming.

But it suggests nothing beyond voluntary action by industry for dealing with the so-called "greenhouse" gases, the program Bush advocated in rejecting a treaty negotiated in Kyoto, Japan, in 1997 calling for mandatory reduction of those gases by industrial nations.

"I read the report put out by the bureaucracy," Mr. Bush said dismissively when asked about the EPA report, adding that he still opposes the Kyoto treaty.

So, hey, now that we can see that global warming isn't just some crazy left-wing conspiracy, we find that conservative policy doesn't change. It isn't about the science, keep in mind, or even reality- it's about ideology. We can will global warming away. For that matter, do you know why the temperature of the Earth is rising? Because the Earth hates our freedom. If we cut down on emissions, we're letting the Earth win!

As if that weren't enough, as if the startling willful ignorance of the current administration weren't sufficient, their actions have recently resulted in condemnation from the Supreme Court for nothing less than violating the law:

The Supreme Court gave the Bush administration two rebukes on Monday for its global warming and air pollution policies. They were just the most recent examples of the administration's losing streak in court on environmental issues.

For six years, Bush administration officials have been rewriting environmental regulations. For almost as long, environmental groups and states have been suing to try to block the changes. Environmentalists say the pace of decisions in these cases has been picking up, and in most cases both conservative and liberal courts are deciding against the administration.


Last week, one federal Court rejected Bush administration changes to the rules that govern what kind of logging, mining or other activities can be allowed in national forests. Another court blocked a Bush administration policy to permit coal mining companies to remove the top of mountains in Appalachia and deposit leftover rock in valley streams. On Monday, the Supreme Court rejected two Bush administration policies — one on global warming and another on coal-fired power plants.

So our own administration is actively violating the laws it is legally required to protect. Fantastic. It's as though we have an elected king or, at the very least, an elected decider.

Well, fortunately, people aren't being taken in by all the disinformation being spewed by Bush and his cronies. Right? Right?

The global warming controversy centers on the controversial theory that the earth's atmosphere is heating up at a dangerous rate, because of human activities such as greenhouse gas emissions from burning fossil fuels (see Anthropogenic global warming). Supporters usually feel that immediate (not to say drastic) action must be taken to reduce these omissions (see Kyoto Protocol).

The theory enjoys wide political support, but some climatologists and meteorologists disagree with it. The United Nations' climate panel (UNIPCC) has assessed the theory and found that there is a "scientific consensus" in favor of it. Scientists Richard Lindzen and John Christy, among others, deny that such a consensus exists


Just as the pro-global warming scientists are benefiting from promoting global warming, the global warming skeptical scientists have had funding from energy companies. [17] It can be said that they profit from energy stock, just as well as the pro-global warming scientists. However, the skeptics are not selling carbon credits, but they are profiting from selling alternative energy products and services.

Oh hell. We're all gonna die.

* It distresses me rather a lot that when looking for images of Katrina victims I came across this. What the hell is wrong with some people?

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