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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Atheists are stoopid.

We make fun of a lot of people on this blog. The list of people we here at Total Drek have mocked and/or ridiculed includes, but is not limited to: freaky misogynists, Republicans, Democrats, Russian figure skaters, ourselves, religious fundamentalists, and Ralph Nader. Indeed, one wonders how we ever have time for serious commentary.*

Today, ladies and gentlemen, we add another group to that list: atheists. Now, y'all know that I'm an atheist. I am, in fact, rather strident about the whole thing and could probably be referred to as a devout, though not evangelical, atheist. Generally I don't mock atheists on the site both because (a) I am one and (b) it seems to me that others already have that covered. On the other hand, when I run into some well-done humor I have to nod my head. I point, of course, to the kids at Something Awful and their highly amusing feature "Leave a message in the Anonymous Atheist Complaint Box." You really have to read it to get the full impact, but the "complaints" run from the merely foolish:

To intolerant and mean spirited:

To the pragmatic:

To the rather disquieting:**

It's an amusing little feature that does a good job of lampooning the worst of my "ilk." Take a look and please enjoy. My fellow atheists and I tend to be irrascible assholes, true, but at least we have a sense of humor about it.

* Regular readers of this blog know the answer: we don't. Anything that resembles serious commentary is some kind of mistake.

** As a side note: No, it isn't "against atheism" although I think you may want to get out more.

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Blogger TDEC said...

To that first footnote, I don't buy it for a minute. There is a lot of pretty serious commentary here, albeit covered with a thin veneer of flippancy, just so that the Author can claim that no one can take it seriously. Not that there isn't a great deal of non-seriousness about as well...

Thursday, May 24, 2007 8:11:00 AM  

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