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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I honestly cannot answer this question.

This past Saturday I happened to catch a bit of an episode of Saturday Night Live- the show that people always say isn't as good as it used to be, yet still remains on the air.* This particular episode featured a skit entitled "Am I a Crazy Street Person?" in which two contestants would compete on a gameshow, guessing whether or not a particular individual was a "crazy street person" or just eccentric. In perfect honesty the skit wasn't all that funny but, then again, maybe I just have too much sympathy for those with mental disorders.

All the same, I was reminded of that skit just yesterday. Some of you may have heard of Presidential Candidate Mike Gravel,** the former U.S. Senator from Alaska. Mr. Gravel has served his country in a number of ways over the years and has done some good- including placing the Pentagon Papers into the public record. At the same time, I think there's reason to be a little concerned about a Mike Gravel presidency. Why is that, you ask? Well, there's his suggestion that Congress pass a law making continued U.S. presense in Iraq a crime, and his condemnation of other Democratic candidates for not authoritatively stating that they will not authorize the use of atomic weaponry in Iraq. Dealing with the former, either we have a separation of powers issue*** or we're talking about prosecuting soldiers for following orders. Either way, not a very useful suggestion. In the latter case, I suspect nobody has stated that they're not going to nuke Tikrit because the idea is itself so ludicrous that nobody is seriously considering it.**** Nevertheless, Gravel gets pretty hot and bothered about the whole thing, as you can see:

Basically, Gravel is the punchline to every joke I hear told on conservative talk radio.*****

So, you must be wondering, how do the two threads of this post connect? Well, they come together via a little video clip that my Soon to be Former Officemate sent to me. We've all, by this point in our lives, seen a lot of political ads. Yet, given that, has anyone ever seen an ad quite like this (Be sure and watch it- it gets pretty exciting about halfway through):

And so, ladies and gentlemen, you tell me:

Crazy street person, or just eccentric?

* It's almost as though the quality is roughly consistent, but viewers only remember the sketches that were really good...

** The last name rhymes with "Caravel" and is not pronounced like the small bits of broken stone.

*** i.e. Constitutionally foreign policy is the responsibility of the President. This, of course, ignores that the President is immune to criminal prosecution so long as he or she is in office.

**** Man, where the hell is Barry Goldwater when you need him?

***** Yes, I do listen to conservative talk radio from time to time. I find it useful to expose myself to what the other side is saying, even though it makes me a little crazy now and then. My Sainted Fiancee, on the other hand, visibly flinches when she realizes I've left the car radio tuned to "WKKG- All Hate, All the Time" radio.

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Blogger SARA said...

so now we know what "excites" Drek ;)

Tuesday, July 10, 2007 12:36:00 PM  

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