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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Tales from the Office: Sometimes they make me want to drink Edition

The Scene: Drek is in his office finishing up a meeting with a student who has been out sick for several days.

Student: So I should go ahead and do this assignment that was turned in while I was out?

Drek: Yes, absolutely. Go ahead and do it. Reviewing chapter seven will also help you a lot there.

Student: So, is chapter seven, like, really important for the first test?

Drek: Yes, but beyond that it's really important for the rest of the class. If you understand the material in that chapter it will help you for the rest of the semester.

Student: So I should, like, read that chapter then?

Drek: ...

Drek: Yes. Ideally, you should really be reading all the chapters that are assigned.

Student: Oh. OH! I didn't realize that.

Drek: Yeah. That's why they're on the syllabus.

Student: Usually I just read the summaries.

Drek: Well that's.... something at least.

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