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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Just so we're all on the same page.

Regular fans of this blog have probably noticed a shift in my blogging style of late. Traditionally I am given to relatively long rambling posts that eventually meander to some sort of a point. Alternatively, I sometimes indulge in entirely pointless writing exercises that are at least liberally endowed with what passes for humor around here. Needless to say this mostly consists of sarcasm, the ubiquitous ass jokes, and sarcasm about ass jokes. It is, in short, amazing that anyone bothers to read this blog.

Lately, however, things have changed somewhat. I have been missing my regular Monday through Friday posting schedule and the length of my posts has been decreasing. There has been what you might call a precipitous decline in the length of my daily musings that has gone largely unremarked upon. Some might think that this is because you all suspect the true explanation but, personally, I prefer to think that it's because nobody cares what I write anyway. Regardless, the simple truth is that I have been unreasonably busy of late. As you might have noticed, I recently got married to the woman who was previously known as my Sainted Fiancee, but who is now simply referred to as my wife. Perhaps at some point in the future I will happen upon a charmingly bizarre nickname for her that lends itself to acronym, but that moment is in the future.

Beyond simply getting married, however, I find that I am presently grappling with a large number of relatively time-sensitive projects. I have journal articles that need revising, figures that need producing, classes that need teaching, papers that need grading, and other assorted academic tasks that are keeping me rather fully occupied. Like many other people, when things get this busy I institute a sort of triage process where some tasks are allowed to languish on the back burner while others receive my full attention. This blog, while holding a perhaps irresponsibly high priority in my daily set of objectives, doesn't quite win out over other tasks more likely to influence my pay check and, hence, ability to eat. So, to put it simply, I haven't been writing as much because I have more important things to do.

Unfortunately, besides merely depriving you of diversion, this also means that I must leave others hanging. S.S. Stone, for one, is still enthusiastically awaiting my venture into artistic representation. I have not forgotten this, and have been trying out and discarding several concepts, but I need to be paying attention to other things. In an effort to tide her over, as well as anyone else awaiting my artistic efforts, please enjoy this earlier post where I engage in a little sociological art appreciation rather than creation.

So, really, I guess I'm just asking y'all to just hang in there for a while longer. I won't stay this busy and when I have more free time I promise the stream of trite observation and inappropriate humor will, once again, resume.


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Blogger SARA said...

"S.S. Stone, for one, is still enthusiastically awaiting my venture into artistic representation."
And many others are emailing me wondering WHEN...asking me if I give extensions! lol

"I have not forgotten this, and have been trying out and discarding several concepts" --this actually sounds promising so perhaps it's worth the wait.

P.s...seriously, if you find it too much of a burden you can withdraw.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007 10:05:00 PM  

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