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Friday, November 30, 2007

Total Drek is currently experiencing technical difficulties...

For those who are curious, I am not dead, but I am having a rather difficult time of things. Here's a brief update that will suffice as a sort of half-assed post:

(1) My home computer remains only partly functional. My repairs are stable, but it's definitely a hardware problem. I might have time to work on it this weekend, but I'm not holding my breath.

(2) Bureaucracy is a wonderful thing. That's the theory, anyway. Sometimes, however, it appears to exist for the sole purpose of making life more difficult. Or, perhaps more likely, making my life more difficult as it certainly isn't making life more difficult for the bureaucrats themselves.

(3) I am beginning to loathe the folks at my broadband provider. My home internet connection is running so slowly that I long for dial-up. Their suggestion that I not use a router is, of course, rather untenable. Were it not for the fact that I have much more pressing matters to attend to, I would likely be investing the considerable amount of time needed to reach a competent tech support person.

(4) I have a lot of respect for service workers. I spent a lot of time as a service worker and I know how annoying customers can be. As such, I work quite hard to remain patient and friendly with all service workers I encounter because most things really aren't their fault. That said, my patience is sorely tried when aforementioned service workers send me on an exhausting wild goose chase because they're too lazy to confirm their own information.

(5) While I, similarly, have a lot of patience with my students, it's useful to keep in mind that as an instructor I am not paid enough to bend over all the way backwards whenever you feel like it. Especially not if you habitually read the campus fish rag in my class.

(6) Thankfully, there are some really cool people in this world whom I am pleased to get to spend time with amidst this crap.

Hi. Blogging to hopefully resume next week.

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