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Friday, December 28, 2007

Just awesome.

In place of anything approximating a post from me today, allow me to direct you to RationalWiki and, specifically, to their excellent article Evidence against a recent creation. It is, in short, an excellent introductory summary to the numerous independent lines of evidence that lead scientists to the conclusion that the world is really, really old. Or, to be more exact, to the conclusion that it is much older than the 6,000-10,000 years that Young Earth Creationists insist on. Whether you're interested in this issue in and of itself or not, it's an interesting read- if only to show off how science does its job and why scientists are sometimes so sure of their conclusions.

And, in taking a look at it, consider our earlier discussion of openmindedness. Does it mean that you aren't openminded if you make a decision based on an overwhelming preponderance of evidence? Most people would probably say no. And, while you're pondering all that, consider the comments left to my post by Mr. Andrew Schlafly.* What is openmindedness, really? Can you be openminded if you draw a conclusion? Will Batman escape from the clutches of the Joker?

Only time will tell.

* Technically, that link projects to an article on Conservapedia hosted over at Uncyclopedia, but I can only link to the same article at Wikipedia so many times, you know?

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