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Monday, December 10, 2007


Today we at Total Drek would like to offer our condolences to the familes and friends of those who were killed or wounded at the New Life Church in Colorado Springs and the Youth With a Mission facility in Arvada, Colorado. For those who don't already know what I am talking about, one or more gunmen entered both of these locations this past Sunday and opened fire. So far as we can tell, the attacks were not directed at any specific individual within the churches and, instead, were simply violent actions directed against (perhaps) the institutions in general. It is safe to say that I disagree with some of the positions taken by these groups, as well as their evangelical goals, but I feel nothing but sympathy for them in their current situation. It is the duty of all members of a society to resolve differences without recourse to violence. Yesterday, in a way, we all failed.

I would also like to thank the operators of Conservapedia for, thus far, not blaming either "liberals" or atheists for this tragedy. That shows a greater than typical degree of humanity on their part, for which I thank them. Attempting to score points off of this, regardless of your perspective, would be simply disgraceful.

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