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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Gaze upon my blog and despair.

Some of you will recall I recently took a trip from which I have returned more wicked and powerful than ever. The trip my wife and I took did not unfold as planned, primarily due to a spot of very heavy weather that deprived us of electrical power and accessible roads for nearly the full duration. On the plus side, we did manage to rustle up some hot water after a few days of otherwise bracing* showers. Rather than give you a full account of our trip, which would be absurdly dull in any case, allow me instead to share a small selection of photographs that you may interpret in the manner of your own choosing.**

Wasn't that fun? Good. Now go away. I have work to do and the Red Cross was running late today.***

* In this case meaning, "hypothermia-inducing."

** Thus both encouraging your basic creativity and catering to my innate sloth.

*** No, there's nothing wrong with me. Just the usual.

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