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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

This makes me very, very angry.

I was going to bitch in this post about something Conservapedia said about atheists yesterday* but in point of fact I just noticed something else that, frankly, deserves more attention. I refer, specifically, to this:

For those who didn't click on the image, the headline reads:

Think a coed Marines is a good idea? An 8-month pregnant Marine was murdered by a blunt object after a "violent confrontation"; a fellow Marine she had accused of rape is hiding.

Okay, Conservapeons? Are we seriously still having this fucking conversation? Do you really want to go this route? Because, and here's the thing, ponder for a moment the logical chain you're constructing here. A pregnant American soldier was murdered after she accused a fellow soldier of a crime and, basically, you're implying that she was the problem right from the start. More broadly, the problem is that women are allowed to be soldiers at all- if they wouldn't butt-in on the "male arena" of the military, they wouldn't get raped and murdered. As long as we're at it, is this your explanation for sexual harassment? Sexual coercion in the workplace? How about if a boss rapes his female subordinate? Will you come out with a headline asking, "Still think a coed workplace is a good idea?" That's the argument here, right? I suppose it must be since, really, the way you guys talk about it a woman who is raped must have been asking for it. They're all dirty tramps unless they're chaste Christian women who stay home pregnant and barefoot, right?** Why not just put everyone with a womb in a burqa and get it over with?

Maybe it's just me but, really, is it possible that the problem here is the guy who raped and murdered her? Is it possible that the problem is a culture of excessive machismo that views women as little more than sexual organs on legs? Could that, just maybe, be the problem? And for that matter, how about the perspective you're promulgating about men? I am a man and I do not like the implication that I'm too damned stupid and brutish to control myself. Guess what: if I'm playing on a co-ed team I am not suddenly overcome with the irresistible urge to rape the everliving crap out of a female team member. I know too many soldiers who are good, decent people and serve with those of the opposite sex without brutally violating them to believe the horseshit you're spewing. Blaming the victim is an offense to women, but absolving men of responsibility because "boys will be boys" is insulting as hell to men. We are humans, we are capable of controlling ourselves, and we will goddamn well do so or else face the consequences imposed by the rule of law. Period.

I'm sure many of you, Conservapeons, are very good people but right now I am disgusted with the lot of you. The truths about rape are difficult to face and I don't have time for damned cowards like you.

* As it happens they added to it a bit today, but we'll get to that in some other post.

** This is a somewhat unfair depiction of Conservapedia's typical position, but only somewhat.

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Blogger yli said...

alas, there really wouldn't have been all these rapes and murders and other sins on earth if God hadn't created adam and eve...

Wednesday, January 16, 2008 11:15:00 AM  
Blogger Sarahliz said...

I don't know, maybe they have a point. Maybe a coed military isn't a good idea. I mean if men really are naturally brutish, violent, and uncivilized maybe they shouldn't be allowed to leave the house at all (or at least not without a female chaperon).

Wednesday, January 16, 2008 3:01:00 PM  
Blogger Bad Runner said...

While we're at it maybe we should rethink the whole co-ed society thing. Seriously, I think women might be better off, and it certainly follows from their logic. Maybe these people aren't that far away from the separatists after all.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008 6:30:00 PM  

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