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Monday, January 28, 2008

Total Drek is helpless before peer pressure.

There has been a trend recently, helped along by Practicing Idealist and Wicked Anomie, of bragging about one's teaching acumen. Not one to be left out of an opportunity to fill a blog post with useless uninteresting drivel, I thought I might as well hop aboard the band wagon myself and tell you guys about how my teaching is teh awesome.

Then, however, I thought I could do something better: I'll let my students tell you about how my teaching is teh awesome. So, for your reading enjoyment, a selection of the comments from my most recent set of teacher-course evaluations.* Enjoy!

"I liked Mr. the Uninteresting's professional approach to teaching his students. He really cares about us so he tries pretty hard. He also tries to make sure that those students who work hard will not fail miserably."

"This is one of the very few courses in which I don't get upset when I take a bad grade. I believe the instructor makes the study fascinating and I appreciate his way of explaining things, the additional material provided, the help provided during office hours."

"The enthusiasm of the instructor and his sheer passion for the subject. The book was very easy to understand and so were his lectures."

"The instructor was a pretty cool guy."

"You made it really fun! Pretty laid back way of teaching- I liked it."

"I liked how enthusiastic you were and how you made little jokes here and there. It kept it interesting. You're also very good at explaining things in different ways if we don't understand something."

"The teacher is efficient and I feel like he is confident when he teaches. He is able to explain concepts well and didn't move too fast."

"Drek's humor, enthusiasm and his commitment to his students and material. He's very eager and always willing to help and I really appreciate that. Thanks for all the help!"

"The text is useful, the class time was well spent, teaching very effective."

"He is willing to work with his students. A question is never a dumb question with Drek."

"Lectures are very informative and easy to follow."

"I liked that I actually learned a lot. His teaching style was good for me."

"Honestly one of my best teachers, only one who really has been able to take hard material and teach it to me to where I understand it. THANK YOU!"

"Great teacher, passionate about subject, challenging tests, I actually learned something! For a difficult course, he made it seem easy."

"I liked the instructor! He really loves the subject and makes it easy for all of us to learn."

And there you go. Obviously, not all of my comments were good, but by and large I'm satisfied with the feedback and don't feel the need to post the negative because it's my blog and I'll do what I want. So, I may be a generally disagreeable cuss, but I'm also pretty damned good at my job.

And I think I can live with that.

* For the record, I think TCE's are about as useful for gauging an instructor's skill as a ouija board.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

yay, bandwagons! i think those evals are pretty useless, too, for the most part. but they're always good for the self-esteem. assuming you only focus on the positive.

which, apparently, a lot of people have trouble doing.

actually, i think i remember learning about this tendency among humans in my social cognition class...

Monday, January 28, 2008 9:58:00 AM  

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