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Thursday, April 03, 2008

That was pretty unexpected.

The other day while perusing Uncommon Descent, the blog of Wild Bill Dembski, I came across a rather remarkable post. What was so remarkable about it? Nothing much except that it contained a video that, believe it or not, leads me to believe that intelligent design creationists may actually have a sense of humor. Sort of:

A couple of things jumped out at me from this. The first is that I recognize a number of people they're depicting and, really, I wonder if the creationism side could muster quite so much recognition? Second, I have nothing but resepect for Eugenie Scott, which makes her representation in the video that much more disconcerting. Third, the quality of rhetoric coming from the creationist side has really taken a nosedive lately but, for all that, is at least more entertaining.

Finally, what struck me about this is how DaveScot, the guy who posted this on Uncommon Descent, remarked: "I can hardly believe this was posted on Panda’s Thumb." For those who don't know, The Panda's Thumb is a major pro-science blog, a regular antagonist of Uncommon Descent, and they did indeed post a link to the video. And the thing is, why should that surprise anyone? It's a well-done, very irreverent video, and if I don't think it's exactly right... well hell, it still made me laugh.

For all their protestations to the contrary, I think it's pretty hard to give much credence to the creationist argument that scientists are just unwilling to listen to their arguments.*

* It's perhaps more plausible to say that scientists are unwilling to listen to STUPID arguments from the other side, but I digress.

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