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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Eloquently put.

THE SCENE: Drek, his Former Hypothetical Roommate (D'sFHRM) and former Office Mate (D'sFOM) are returning from a coffee run. The conversation focuses on Fox News.

Drek: So they've been covering the issue in their usual style then?

D'sFOM: Covering it? To hear them talking, you'd think they're the only ones who even understand the issue!

Drek: Granted, I don't have access to Fox News, but why would they be the only ones who understand?

D'sFHRM: Look, to them the issue is a twelve year-old Thai boy...

Drek: Working in a bordello?

D'sFHRM: Right. And they think that conservatives are the only one's who understand the issue because they're the only ones who have taken a trip to Thailand and actually been inside the issue.

Drek: ...

D'sFOM: ...

Drek: Wow. That statement was shockingly offensive and crude. And for once, I wasn't the one responsible for it.

D'sFHRM: I know, right?

Drek: You have humbled me, sir.

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