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Friday, May 30, 2008

Hubris: I has it.

All references to lolcats and Greek tragedy aside, I generally think that I have my ego reasonably under control. On the one hand, I blog and am laboring to earn a Ph.D., which both generally have ego-inflating effects. On the other hand, I am more or less a goofy semi-moron and am regularly reminded of same by my friends and family. So, I like to think that, on the whole, those opposed forces balance out. But, hey, you're welcome to disagree.

I bring this up because today we're discussing something that I have been wrestling with and regard as, perhaps, an example that the balance is not quite so solid and maybe... just maybe... the old ego is getting the better of me. And with a setup like that, who could possibly stop reading, eh?

Regular readers probably recall a while back when I invited folks to masquerade as Drek (i.e. me) at the annual ASA blogger's hoe-down. The point, for those who don't recall, is to obscure all of our identities by all agreeing to use the same one. The response to this notion has been reasonably positive but a potential drawback was identified early on. Specifically, the potential negative interaction between buttless chaps and Boston weather. Indeed, too many may lack my fondness for that most magnificent of apparel choices and, as a consequence, carry off an incomplete masquerade. But what is to be done?

Well, as it happens, I have figured out a solution of sorts: t-shirts. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, thanks to the beauty of CafePress I am making a line of Total Drek merchandise available. What can I say? It's a little like Jeremy's awesome new hobby project* with the exception that people might actually be interested in having the product of his labor, whereas these items of clothing should not be worn by anyone ever. The main idea behind Total Drek Merch, aside from Penny Arcade's thoughts on a similar subject was the potential solution to the buttless chaps issue:

I know, I know: not leather and not revealing. Nevertheless, I think it will do the trick. And, for better or for worse, it has spawned other similar shirts, in addition to one or two that impart a slightly different message:

Now, for those who are curious: no, I will not profit from this. The price is set "at cost" meaning that CafePress will profit but I won't see a dime. Aside from allowing me to stick it to the IRS** this is really just a part of my overall motivation for doing this blog as well as these shirts: fun. This new merch is really just something I did for my own amusement. Buy, don't buy, whatever. But you know what?

All the cool kids are totally gonna be wearing them!

* Jeremy, seriously, can you make this thing available for download when it's ready? Shit, for that matter, need a beta tester?

** Ha-HA! No revenue for you!

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Blogger Sarahliz said...

Oh man. I'm not going to ASA this year and I have zero money. But I sooo want one. Guess it's time to go rob that bank.

Friday, May 30, 2008 2:17:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

very cool.

Saturday, May 31, 2008 6:22:00 PM  
Blogger jeremy said...

Regarding my hobby project, I can't put it on the web until after the deadline for the contest (9/29), as being unreleased is a condition for entering. But, seriously, I would love it if you were willing to try the beta when I have the beta.

Sunday, June 01, 2008 11:51:00 AM  
Blogger Drek said...

Sarahliz: Your desire makes me quiver with avarice. Or it would if I had any financial interest in this whatsoever. So I'll just point out that stickers are also available.

Jeremy: Sounds awesome! Consider me signed up to be a beta tester if and when you need them. I think you know how to get in touch with me so, whenever you're ready, just drop me a line and we'll figure out the arrangements.

Sunday, June 01, 2008 12:15:00 PM  
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