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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Blogiversary IV: The Return of Drek's Deadly Spawn

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it's true: today, June 28th, 2008, is Total Drek's Four-Year Blogiversary.* It was four years ago that I started this particular e-cesspool and I have, for reasons mysterious even to me, kept it going for four long, wearying trips around the sun.**

One is forced to ask, of course, what lessons we have perhaps learned in all that time? Well, really, none at all. Seriously. Nothing useful has ever come out of this project. Still, I like to think that we have been at least slightly entertained. We have, for example,*** slapped Conservapedia around, discussed evolution, engaged with religion, explored advertising talked about sociology, ranted about tech support and even been skeptical of skepticism. Sadly, this year has been fairly short on my favorite blog topic- boobs- but there are easy solutions for that little deficiency. It has been, in short, a year about as productive as any other year of my blogging.

So what can we look forward to in the next year? Well, doubtless I'll finish my series on atheism, which I have certainly not forgotten about. Otherwise, you can expect the same sort of juvenile humor and "analysis" you have grown so familiar with. You know, the typical stuff:

But hey, that's why you hate love me, right?



* For those who are curious, no, this does not signal the end of my Misery Journey. I pre-loaded this post before departure because, really, who can stand to miss something like this?

** Yeah? So what if you're one of the ignorant fucks from the Flat Earth Society? You ain't gonna stop ME from telling the truth about astronomy! Turtles all the way down, biatch!

*** For the record, I have way more posts that fall into these categories than the tags reveal for the simple reason that this blog was around for years before tagging even became an option on blogger.

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