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Sunday, June 29, 2008

There are no words.

Folks who read this blog have been following the Richard Lenski foolishness. To wit, Richard Lenski and colleagues published an article on evolution which was subsequently "challenged" by Andrew Schlafly, as recounted earlier. Schlafly e-mailed Lenski insinuating wrongdoing and Lenski responded quite politely. Schlafly then compounded his idiocy by questioning Lenski's basic honesty in even more strident terms. This attack did not go unanswered, as Lenski proceeded to administer the beatdown. One would think that would be the end of it but, sadly... not so much.

So far, Schlafly hasn't sent any new e-mails to Lenski but, having reviewed the earlier posts, check on Schlafly's newest claims:

Yes folks, that's right: according to Schlafly, Lenski is the problem here. Sure he is. And the Sun orbits around the Earth every day.

I'm still on my Misery Journey and don't have a lot of time so, really, I think this little number I whipped up over at Dinosaur Comics says it best:

Nuff Said.

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