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Friday, July 11, 2008

I have seen things. Terrible things.

As you might be guessing, my recent misery journey is essentially complete. Was it as educational as I could have hoped? Well, I took a picture during my travels. You tell me- does this look educational?

Well? Does it?*

So is this a resumption of the otherwise usual blogging schedule? Heh. Not a chance. While my home web access should soon be available again, and my work office should once more become available to me in the near future, life has intervened. To put things equally vaguely, something has come up that requires that I not resume blogging again quite yet. Worry not- I do intend to return- but more important things are still conspiring to keep me away.

So, hang in there just a big longer. Total Drek will be back soon enough. And, if it makes you feel any better, during my absence I've come up with a notion for a new series of posts that achieve such a staggering combination of fun and offensiveness that I can hardly believe it myself.

Stay tuned!

* Answer: Fuck no!

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