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Thursday, July 31, 2008

An invitation.

I'm traveling to the ASAs today and, as such, am not available to review and respond to your scintillating comments. Nor am I available to pen a fresh new blog post. I am available to suffer through grueling hours of airline seating, but that's hardly helpful to you.

In any case, in lieu of a blog post I thought I would simply rebroadcast the invitation from Scatterplot. If you're in Boston tonight, and have nothing better to do, then come on down and meet your favorite bloggers. And once you're done with them, see if you can find me. Or, as the lovely Tina puts it:

Yes, you are invited! Just because you read this post. Your friends are also invited, simply because you told them about this post. Further, all of you will receive an official scatterplot ribbon to wear on your ASA name badge, because you (yes, you!) are a sociology celebrity, at least in the eyes of this blog. Here are the details:

The Scatterplot Party will be on Thursday, July 31, at 7pm, at City-Bar in the Lenox Hotel. It’s walking distance from the ASA hotels, the drinks menu has offerings that range from affordable to fancy, and the setting is glamorous enough to make us feel fancy.

Competitive events will include thumb wrestling, manversation, and code debugging. Conversation topics will turn to baseball, fanny packs and Craig Calhoun (not necessarily in that order). By the end of the evening, everyone will know who olderwoman is, but no one will be able to find the Real Drek.

All the credit goes to Sara and Shamus for looking into various options and finding this fabulous location. I predict that this will be the event of the season. Don’t miss it!

As for tomorrow... well, don't hold your breath. Sometimes I manage to blog from the ASAs but, more often than not, it's a blogging blackhole from which few return unscathed.

So, hang in there. Regular blogging to resume sometime next week.


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