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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Teh stupid. It burns.

I just... wow. He actually went through with it:

The final version is, apparently, this, which is little changed from the version I remarked upon previously. Particularly, the same moronic "affiliations" are present in the letter, and he did CC it to Congress, among other places. I have to admit (and will elaborate upon this later) that I am growing quite sick of watching the ongoing nonsense at Conservapedia. I rather expect that a hiatus in my Conservapedia-bashing is in the works- not because they aren't bash worthy, but because I can only shovel so much shit before I need a break. Sadly, however, the Lenski affair is much like a terrible auto wreck: you don't want to watch, but you just can't look away. Hopefully, this particular slow-motion debacle will resolve itself before my sanity is entirely lost.

I know, I know: too late.

On a more amusing if unrelated* note, I recently encountered a comic over on xkcd to which my reaction was, in a nutshell, man does that take me back:

Ah, I remember the glorious days of my youth when paradise was just a bra-clasp away. A bra-clasp that I had no earthly idea how to operate, mind you, but that's hardly the point.**

Misty water colored memories, indeed.

* Although I suppose it is semi-related in the sense that I wonder if Schlafly's tendency to be an ass is related to sexual repression of some kind.

** When are sex education courses going to include that kind of useful how-to information? I ask you!

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