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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Total Drek One Sentence Movie Reviews

In keeping with my previously established fondness for brief, relatively uninformative reviews of books, I'd like to introduce something new: brief, relatively uninformative reviews of movies. Thus, really, today will be like every day on this blog except that (1) I don't usually talk about movies and (2) I'm seldom brief. The uninformative bit, however, is as always constant.

Today's Reviews:

Alien Nation

Run time: 91 minutes

Price: Available from for the price of $9.98, plus shipping and handling.

Genre: Hard-boiled cop/alien invasion/racial discrimination drama

One sentence review: An interesting idea brutally murdered by eighties synthesizer music, terrible writing, and James Caan.

i'm reed fish

Run time: 93 minutes.

Price: Available on for a mere $16.49, plus shipping and handling.

Genre: Romantic comedy(?)

One sentence review: Like spending an hour and a half listening to that cousin that nobody likes and who never does anything important, ever.

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