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Friday, September 05, 2008


Over on Orgtheory Brayden recently explained how cultural sociology is no longer a marginalized area of the discipline. Instead, cultural sociology is, we are told, seeing a great improvement in fortunes. Indeed, he titled his post "triumphant culture" and concluded by saying:

Cultural sociology seems to have hit its stride and may be well on the way to becoming the dominant paradigm of contemporary sociology.

Perhaps this is so, perhaps not, and my own views on cultural sociology are irrelevant at the moment.* And Brayden is someone I like to think of as a very good friend of mine and so I hope that he will not take this the wrong way. But I think that cultural sociologists the world over will probably wish he hadn't said that.

Because, honestly, saying that cultural sociology is well on its way to becoming the dominant paradigm in sociology reminds me of nothing so much as the b-list actor who asks "Is he finally dead?" about mid-way through a slasher film. And that, as we all know, is inevitably the villain's cue to rise up and embed an axe in one or another of the speaker's vital body parts.

Beware structuralism, Brayden. It does, indeed, know what you did last summer.

* I am peculiarly proud of that fact that, despite my long tenure in the socio-blogging world, I only rarely actually talk about sociology.

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