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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Okay, so here's the thing...

This blog post contains two video clips. Both depict Sarah Palin. In one she is answering questions from an interviewer, in the other she is addressing the nation beside Hillary Clinton. One of these clips is actually Sarah Palin, the other is a spoof performed by the unparalleled Tina Fey.*

So here's, the thing: I know which Palin is real and which Palin is fake but... well... not because of anything she actually says. Seriously. I can easily picture the real Palin saying everything that the fake Palin says. And that scares the ever living hell out of me. Watch the clips and see if you don't agree:

Look, we can have an honest discussion about the qualifications of John McCain and Barack Obama. McCain has more experience, stemming from a longer career. Obama wants to do something different than what Bush has done for the past eight years which, you know, might be a good thing. The thing is, there is absolutely no argument in favor of Sarah Palin. If McCain wanted a Republican woman he had any number to choose from who would have been much more qualified. Instead, he chose someone who looks good and has stage presence but has effectively zero experience in high office and is completely unready to be President of the United States. I still cannot wrap my head around this as it shows a crass disregard for the United States. John McCain loves his country so much he would put an unqualified boob a heartbeat away from the presidency? No, folks, he just wants to be President so badly that he'll do anything. And while Hillary was not my candidate**** I have to give her credit, because she showed the kind of deference to the good of the party and the country that seems to have eluded John McCain.I mean, shit, if Palin can be President, why not this crazy fucker, whom we have discussed previously. I mean, hell, he believes in a crazy old testament god, he's young, and the only difference between him and a pit bull is lipstick. Why not put him on the ticket, John McCain?

I'm not saying no to Sarah Palin, I'm saying no to the idea that a total neophyte belongs in the White House. I'm not saying yes to Barack Obama, I'm saying "FUCK yes!"

* As a side note, I've met a truly absurd number of very well-educated men who all seem to have a bit of a celebrity crush** on Ms. Fey. I leave it to you to decide why this may be.

** Before you ask, my celebrity crushes are all well-known.***

*** As of March of 2006, anyway.

**** Her policies I was largely okay with, I just didn't think she'd be able to carry a national election.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yikes...god help us

Wednesday, September 17, 2008 8:40:00 AM  

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