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Friday, October 24, 2008

The fourth debate John McCain doesn't want you to see.

I'm too busy to blog extensively today but, to keep you busy, please enjoy this video of the secret fourth debate between John McCain and Barack Obama. Surprisingly, Sarah Palin gets into the act and, honestly, turns in a better performance than she's managed thus far.

And if that isn't enough to keep you busy, try this stirring tale of Republican honor:

Allen Raymond is living proof that political dirty tricksters do exist.

The former Republican political operative went to federal prison after he pleaded guilty to charges of phone harassment. He jammed the phone lines of New Hampshire's Democratic Party on Election Day six years ago.

"The concept was to disrupt lines of communication. That's a fancy way of saying, 'make it so the phones didn't work,' " Raymond said recently. "No calls going out. No calls going in."

We're not going to give away exactly how Raymond did it. According to federal prosecutors, two top Republican Party officials tapped Raymond's Virginia-based telemarketing firm for the operation. Raymond then contracted out the job to a private phone bank in Idaho.


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