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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Statistics fail.

Normally when I relapse and talk about Conservapedia I'm driven to it by something unusually offensive. So, for example, I was tempted to remark on it when they referred to the impending Obama administration as the "Obama caliphate." Yet, somehow, I restrained myself. Today, however, I'm not here to comment on some new height of offensive verbiage that Andrew Schlafly has unleashed upon the world. Instead, I'm remarking on the fact that he has once again shown his incompetence with the maths.

I refer, of course, to a recent headline on the main page about Senate candidate Saxby Chambliss. You remember Saxby, don't you? The only senator to grope his pre-pubescent granddaughter in a campaign ad?* In any case, as some of you may know, Chambliss recently won his run-off election versus the Democratic candidate- an election that only went to a run-off because of a weird Georgia law and the presence of a third-party candidate even more conservative than Saxby. Realistically, the Democrat was never going to win this election and the run-off created a tense situation that was more apparent than real. Nonetheless, Conservapedia wasted no time at all in attempting to use this victory as... well... see for yourself:

Or, in plain human speech:

Conservative Senator Saxby Chambliss won by a stunningly large margin: 57% to 43%. An early sign of the mid-term elections in 23 months?

Are you even serious? One conservative candidate achieves victory in a traditionally conservative area amidst an overall trouncing of the Republican party and you think it portends a Republican resurgence in an election that won't be for two f-ing years?! Are you implying that the American people are so fickle that they've grown sick of the Obama administration and a Democratic legislature before they're even sworn in? Really? This is how you console yourselves? I can only imagine what Conservapedia's elite statistical corps has been up to:

"My god! At this rate the entire Senate will be Republican within four months!"

Jesus Titty-fucking Christ is Schlafly an idiot.

* Comes at the end. Watch his right hand.

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