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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

For the next year I will be receiving foreign dignitaries on the poop deck.*

Longtime readers of this blog are no doubt aware that blogging is a largely thankless task. You write, and you write, and you write and what do you get for it? Some comments, contact with some really awesome people, and the attention of trolls. On the whole, not a trade that is worth it to everyone. Longtime readers of this blog who have a lot of time on their hands** may also follow other blogs in the sociology blogosphere, including my other hangout,, and various and sundry other blogs. The truly dedicated among you may read The Soc Shrine, an enigmatic blog that claims to be dedicated to, "Preserving the wit and wisdom of the soc blogger." With a mission statement like that, you can bet that I am not mentioned often as I am lacking in both.

Or that's what you'd think, anyway. As it turns out I am mentioned every now and then by the TSS folks, who have for some time been referring to me as Reverend Drek. For those who don't pay attention, I've remarked on this before. In any case, given that they have dedicated themselves to producing a sort of socioblogging digest, the TSS monks recently held some kind of vote for the best post of 2008. The list of nominees was quite impressive and even I managed to pop up once or twice. Given the overwhelming might of certain other blogs, I went away for my holiday vacation in the expectation that I should just be proud to be nominated.

Yeah, well, as it turns out I won the damned thing. My post on Mary Tocco has earned me the 2008 TSS Best Blogging cup as well as a very touching commendation from TSS. And to be honest, if the commendation is meant sarcastically, I like it even better:

The TSS Best of 2008 Winner: You don’t know Drek. The Dawkins of Socblogdom. Keeping all on the Golden Road of Enlightenment. Consistently brings The Drek down on all species of superstition and irrationality even when, every other day now and then, it demands he go to irrational lengths. See also Drek’s fine long-running series on “Conservapedia.” By a less-than-comfortable margin of 1.61%, Rev. Drek takes The Cup. Considering, in full, his impressive body of work, our only regret is that they didn’t have blogs when we were grad students.

Rev. Drek will immediately assume the title of D.O.A.S.B. (Dauphin of All SocBloggers) and has full rights to The Cup until 1 January 2010. Our heartiest congratulations to our winner and to all of this year’s nominees! [formatting as original as my intrinsic laziness permits]

So it would appear that for the next 12 months I have the right to be known as the Dolphin Dauphin of All SocBloggers. As if my ego needed any more stroking. I'd like to say I'll be a gracious D.O.A.S.B. but I think we all know that's unlikely to be the case. I'd especially like to extend my best wishes to those losers at orgtheory. They thought that producing consistently good posts for months on end would earn them the title but, hey, apparently all it takes is one absurdly long post, the production of which reduced you to nearly incoherent rage for weeks on end. Noobs.

What will my reign as D.O.A.S.B. include? Well, first, I will not require but do invite you all to refer to me as "Your Majesty" or "The Very Reverend Drek" for the duration. Second... yeah, nothing really. The King, as they say, is far from dead and as such I have no real duties. Well, except for drinking and wenching. I don't do the former and my wife wouldn't like the latter. So, I'll try to keep myself busy with the usual drek.

Enjoy, or not. Whatever. But it should be an interesting year.

* See, "poop deck" is a part of a ship, but it's funny because it has the word "poop" in it.

** The correlation between those groups is, I suspect, greater than 0.90.

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Blogger Marf said...

Reverend Drek has a nice ring to it.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009 2:08:00 PM  
Blogger brayden said...

I'll be a gracious loser from hereon, but I do expect you to pay for a round of Diet Cokes at the next blogger get-together.

I think poop deck has a nice ring to it.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009 8:25:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As second-runner up, I'll take my Diet Coke with a bottle of champagne, please.

Saturday, January 10, 2009 4:04:00 PM  

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