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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Interestingly, I don't like either food.

The Scene: Drek and his wife are lying in bed after the morning alarm has gone off. Both remain rather sleepy.

Drek's Wife: Hey.

Drek: Hey. How did you sleep?

Drek's Wife: Pretty well. How about you?

Drek: I had some weird dreams.

Drek's Wife: How weird?

Drek: I dreamt that I had to fight a man eating chicken McNugget with... well... I think it was a McGriddle.

Drek's Wife: That sounds unhealthy.

Drek: Yeah.

Drek's Wife: So, did you win?

Drek: No, the McNugget was winning.

Drek's Wife: ...

Drek's Wife: Oh you mean- !

Drek: Yeah. It was a man-eating chicken McNugget, not a man eating a chicken McNugget.

Drek's Wife: Oh!

Drek: Although I think you'd have to say it was still pretty unhealthy.

Drek's Wife: True.

Drek: Unconsciousness is a time of wonder for me.

Drek's Wife: Anything else?

Drek: My father told you a Spiro Agnew joke involving the bible.

Drek's Wife: Funny?

Drek: No.

Drek's Wife: Okay then. Good morning!

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