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Monday, January 05, 2009

Testing, testing...

Hey kids. Doubtless some of you have been wondering about my extended absence. Is Drek dead? Is he going to stop blogging? Is he going to stop blogging because he's dead? Yes, I can always count on my loyal readers for enthusiasm.

As a matter of fact, however, my absence was due to a combination of factors. The first were holidays spent at the home of a family member of my wife. I rather like this family member but during our visit she decided without warning that she was uncomfortable with other people using her computer and ended up in something of a tussle with yours truly. The former was an issue because my wife and I did not travel with a laptop this time around while the latter was, I am happy to say, strictly verbal in nature. And no, the tussle did not precede or relate to the restrictions on computer usage. So, for a not inconsiderable period of time, blogging simply was not an option.

And for a while after that I was simply tired and decided, "The hell with it."

Sadly for some of you, however, I fully intend to return to blogging. Look for a hopefully more-or-less normal schedule this week and in following weeks. And, if you just can't live without a little Drek, check out my recent commentary over on Scatterplot.

It's a bad sign, folks: upon my return I posted on Scatterplot before posting here. Yikes.

If any of you have comments waiting to be cleared or have written blog posts I simply have to see... well... I'll get to you eventually, I promise.

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Blogger Marf said...

Well, I hope you continue blogging here. I don't read Scatterplot all that often.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009 1:40:00 PM  

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