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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The words, there are none.

Longtime readers know that I am something of an addict when it comes to Conservapedia. I have been trying to master my addiction of late- and my recent break from blogging helped- but I nonetheless find that I always end up drifting back to that particular vortex of madness.* During a recent foray I ran across something that's just... well... uh... I honestly don't know what to say:

Or, in primitive human speech:

Insight of the day: the Gospels do not use the secular concept of the "past", and neither did Jesus. See Disputed Biblical Translations.

So... what? The concept of a time before now is... secular? Things get even weirder if you follow the link to the Conservapedia article on the word "past":

Or, to quote the article in its entirety:

Past is having existed or taken place in a period before the present.
The concept the "past" is not used in the entire Gospels, not once. Jesus never used an equivalent term.

Now, I know I'm just an atheist and therefore closed to the wonders of religion but... uh... what the fuck is Schlafly's point? Is he suggesting that the concept of a time before right now is a liberal lie? An atheistic conspiracy? And given that they don't seem to have a problem with the future does that mean that time never moves? Or does god just erase the past once it's no longer the present? What would that even mean?! Once something happens god makes it so that it never happened but other things will happen in the future but, after that, they will never have happened? Huh?! The universe has anterograde amnesia?

Maybe it's just that Jesus never used the word "past" because the concept is so fucking obvious he didn't think he needed to mention, for the benefit of his slower followers, that everything doesn't happen at once?

* Interested-verging-on-obsessed readers should note that Schlafly and I recently exchanged words somewhere on Conservapedia. Happy hunting!

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