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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Ex-ceedingly dumb.

As y'all know, I am a rather devout atheist. I also enjoy exposing myself to the views of people I disagree with. The intersection of these traits means that I often find myself hanging around the websites of various religious groups. Thus far I have not been impressed by the argumentation that I have encountered but, hey, given the enduring popularity of religion, I keep hoping somebody will come up with an argument for god that is even halfway convincing. So far, as you might guess, no joy. In any case, while I have yet to encounter a ministry that does much more than insult my intelligence, this one at least gave me a chuckle. It's known as the Passion for Christ Movement and it is, in a word, buggo. What sets it apart, however, is merchandising.

I refer to its fine selection of t-shirts that declare what the wearer no longer is. For example, you can label yourself an Ex-Fornicator:*

Or an Ex-Hypocrite:

You could be an Ex-Diva:

An Ex-atheist:**

Taking us in a weird direction, you could be an Ex-Masturbator:***

Or, you could be an Ex-Slave:****

So apparently Christ is about making poor fashion decisions. If all that sassy teen consumerism isn't enough to snap you back to Christ, try out this helpful YouTube video titled "1 girl dismantles atheism":

I don't want to ruin it for you but it's a rehash of the argument from design and some really bizarre claims about the relationship between language and information. What makes it amusing is that she prefaces her "sermon" by commenting that atheists probably think they've heard it all before, but she's going to present some hot new arguments... and then she proceeds to present the same old tired crap I've been hearing since I converted to atheism about 17 years ago.*****

Head on over and have yourself a chuckle. If these folks are happy in their faith, I'm happy for them, but if they think making asses out of themselves is going to help people break loose from the gay****** or the atheism, I am afraid they're sorely mistaken.

* By popular demand, shirt now available in scarlet!

** As a side note, what the hell is going on with capitalization after the hyphen? I mean, I usually prefer not to capitalize "atheist" because it's not really a proper descriptor. I mean, seriously, do we categorize people as "Aleprechaunists"? In any case, why the hell is "Diva" capitalized but "fornicator" is not?

*** Some other folks have come up with pretty creative responses to the ex-masturbator shirt. Personally, given that the shirt only explains what they're NOT doing, I prefer to assume it means the folks in the picture are too busy saddlebacking to masturbate.

**** Does anyone else think it was maybe a little... you know... iffy to put the black man in the ex-slave t-shirt?

***** Seriously, wacky evangelists: seventeen years! I have been fielding attempts to convert me from atheism for almost two damn decades. I have HEARD most of your arguments by now. Bring your A-game.

****** Yeah, I didn't want to touch on their whole ex-gay crap because I don't want to get angry.

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