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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

You know you want one.

Given how much time I spend talking about statistics, several of my undergraduates recently brought a rather awesome website to my attention. I refer to Sassy Statistics, which offers a fine line of stats humor apparel. No, really, they do, and they're quite funny. Just check out this sample:

For the person who is willing to stretch pronunciation a bit and loves the analysis of variance comes this entry:

Or, for those who just love using Greek for their parameters, comes this witty offering:

There are a number of wonderful designs- one of which my lovely wife bought me* for my birthday- and most will give you a chuckle, if not an overwhelming urge to buy clothing. Have fun!**

* Bonus points if you can guess which one. It may even help you identify me someday, though I doubt it.

** No, I'm not getting a kickback from the company. Yes, I just find it funny.

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