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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

xkcd: Sociology Style!

Some of you may remember early last month when I posted a spiffy comic about correlation, courtesy of xkcd. It was actually quite popular, even appearing on Sociological Images.

Now, for all those dedicated Sociology grad students and faculty who have ever had to review an article with a questionable* approach to statistical analysis, comes this slightly modified** version of that original seminal comic:

*** p=.001, ** p=.01, * p=.05, ~ p=Let's just pretend for a moment, okay?

Ah, stars. What did we ever do without you?

* And by "questionable" I mean "absurd."

** Special thanks to a reader in a department that shall remain nameless, who apparently got the idea from a hand-drawn version hanging on their professor's door. And yes, I'm sure I could be more vague, but what do you want from me? I'm pseudonymous- if my readers want to remain anonymous, who am I to argue? Come to think of it, I wouldn't want to admit to reading me either.

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