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Friday, May 08, 2009

A little bit silly.

Some of you may have heard about the recent exchange between Colin Powell and Rush Limbaugh. Specifically, Powell was asked in an interview if Republicans can continue to listen to Rush Limbaugh. In response, Powell commented:

“Is this really the kind of party that we want to be when these kinds of spokespersons seem to appeal to our lesser instincts rather than our better instincts?"

As you might guess, this didn't sit well with Limbaugh, who attempted to chastise Powell in response:

“He's just mad at me because I’m the one person in the country that had the guts to explain his endorsement of Obama,” Limbaugh said on his radio show. “There can be no other explanation for it.”

“What Colin Powell needs to do is close the loop and become a Democrat, instead of claiming to be a Republican interested in reforming the Republican Party. He's not. He's a full-fledged Democrat,” Limbaugh said.

“He's out there saying I am killing the Republican Party while he endorsed and voted for Obama,” Limbaugh added. “The Republican Party nominated the exact kind of candidate Colin Powell thinks the Republican Party should have and he still endorsed Obama.”

And, as you might guess, Conservapedia is all over this story:

Now, I'm not going to try to tell the Republican party what to do,* but I would like to point something out:

Colin Powell:

-Graduate of the City College of New York.
-Commissioned in the U.S. Army in 1958, he served for 35 years.
-Served in combat in Vietnam.
-Attained the rank of General in 1989 and was made the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff by President Ronald Reagan.
-Winner of the Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Legion of Merit, Presidential Medal of Freedom, Meritorious Service Cross (Canada), and the Legion of Honor (France).
-Served as the U.S. Secretary of State, 2001-2005.
-Married in 1962; remains with his wife.

Rush Limbaugh

-Flunked out of Southeast Missouri State University.
-Made fun of Michael J. Fox's Parkinson's Disease in 2006.
-Has done considerable charitable work for leukemia, lymphoma and the Marine Corps-Law Enforcement Foundation.
-Has married, and divorced, three times to date.
-Has a long history of prescription drug issues.

Look, you're free to make up your own minds but, seriously, who looks like they reflect so-called "Conservative values" better? I'm just sayin'.

* Not least because I'm still so angry with it that I wouldn't mind so much if the RNC were drug out into the Atlantic and sunk.

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Blogger Plain(s)feminist said...

My favorite part of the Rush quote: "There can be no other explanation for it."

I haven't paid any attention to him in years and years, but I see he hasn't changed a bit.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009 9:28:00 PM  

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