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Monday, May 11, 2009

Sorry. Still not awesome.

So the other day I was checking out Penny Arcade and noticed something a little... strange. Specifically, I saw a sidebar advertisement that had all the signs of being some sort of weird Korean role playing game. That is, except for one little thing. Take a look at the screenshot I took and tell me if you see anything that isn't quite... right:

If you said "Golf," then you're right! Despite the presence of dragons and people with tight clothes, huge heads,* and swords, this is not some kind of weird anime-themed fantasy game. It's a frickin online golf game. If you follow the link one eventually ends up at Pangya, which is as weird on first glance as you would expect:

And if that's not enough of a mind job, try one of the (many) trailers:

It's not that I object to trying to make golf awesome but... I mean... they're trying to make golf awesome!

Hell, guys, best of luck.

* And I mean HUGE. Given that the eyes are even more oversized, I'm fairly sure any one of these characters could see the Galilean satellites unaided.

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