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Friday, November 20, 2009

A premature ejaculation...

As many of you may recall, I gave y'all a homework assignment recently. This assignment was to help me find a copy of the wacky Ray Comfort edition of The Origin of Species that he was allegedly going to be distributing on college campuses. I did not, as you may remember, advocate destroying the books in any way, I just wanted to lay hands on one.

You may also remember that I gave you a hint to aid in this endeavour- a hint that included a partial list of universities where the book distribution was to take place as well as the date on which it would occur. These dates for the U.S. and Canada were, respectively, November 19th and 24th. And you probably realize that today is November 20th. So, did the Ray Comfort book drop occur yesterday? As it turns out, no, it did not. Specifically, it looks like Ray fell victim to a literary version of premature ejaculation and distributed the volumes on November 18th. I can only assume that this was done in the hopes of avoiding confrontations with pro-science students and faculty, partly organized through the help of the NCSE. This effort, of course, was only partly successful as the allies of science, such as the UCLA Skeptics and Secularists, were totally on the case.

Now, I'm not angry at Comfort for jumping the gun. I'm sure it happens to lots of men. He should just have a little wine, relax a bit, and try again, say, on the 24th. And buddies in Canada? It looks like it's totally on you now! Surely someone out there can manage to snag me a damn copy of this book?

Good luck!

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Blogger Royimous said...

Ha! This is quite an excellent post. Thanks for linking to BASS!

Friday, November 20, 2009 9:15:00 PM  

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