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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Two birds with one stone...

Are you trying to figure out how to respond to the impending Ray Comfort/Kirk Cameron clusterfuck scheduled for this Thursday? Sure, we all are. Fortunately for us, however, a perfect response has already been formulated! When you pick up your copy of "The Origin of Species" with a crazy creationist introduction, reward your local book distributor with these handy stickers:

They read:

Please do not administer flu vaccine. I do not believe in evolution.

Indeed, if you don't believe in evolution by means of natural selection, including the potential for random mutation and recombination to produce new and exciting features in organisms, then you should really have nothing to fear from the flu since if you've gotten it once, you're immune forever! Yay! On the other hand if you do believe in evolution- suggesting that you are in touch with reality- a flu shot is absolutely a good idea. So, hey, this is a win-win situation: creationists get to rely on their worldview to protect them from infection, and more vaccine for the rest of us.

Download your own .pdf today and start making labels!

Kudos to Axis of Evo for this brilliant idea!

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Blogger Marf said...

Perhaps they truly don't believe in selective forces like illness. They must still have the mindset that illness is caused by God's wrath due to their sin.

Aside from undermining herd immunity, this could be a good thing. Weed out some of the idiots.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009 9:42:00 PM  

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