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Friday, December 18, 2009

Coming soon on Total Drek!

So, today I just wanted to give y'all an update on what's going to happen with the blog over the next few weeks. Given the impending holiday season I will be doing some traveling and, otherwise, facing a disordered schedule. This will make keeping my usual blogging schedule rather difficult. As such, starting next week there will be a hiatus in posting. This hiatus will last for as long as it does, depending on how the travel works out and how whimsy strikes me. I will, however, be back in due time, so don't worry. The exception to this rule will be my ongoing series on Left Behind, which should update on the normal day during this period. If you're wondering why Left Behind is so special, consider this: every week of that series I skip is another week the whole process gets drug out. Seriously, I gotta get this shit done. There may be additional other posts on an unpredictable basis depending on my time and inclination.

In any case, adieu until later, and have a great holiday season!

And if you're still looking for a gift for the gamer* in your life, consider this:


* I should note for my wife that this is not a hint for her specifically. Although if the price comes down enough by my birthday, I wouldn't say no...

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